Tuesday, May 30, 2017

the SSTC lawsuit is settled. will details follow?


From County Executive Ike Leggett:
“I am pleased that the County has settled the lawsuit we brought to recover taxpayer costs associated with the repair and remediation of the Silver Spring Transit Center. This is very much in the public interest. The $25 million payment to the County will cover 90 percent of the hard costs we incurred to deliver a safe and durable Silver Spring Transit Center.”
Montgomery County Settles Suit Over Silver Spring Transit Center | Montgomery Community Media
  • details to follow?
  • where are all of the media that were covering this story after the cracks first became public?
  • are we going to hear from the defendants?
  • are we going to hear from county, state and US taxpayers who funded the SSTC?
  • where are the investigative reporters and tough questions that were so absent from the media's reporting when the cracks first became public--and since?
  • is this going to be another whitewash telling only one side of the story (Leggett, Dise, et al)?
we should know shortly.

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